United Senergy

Get Involved. Give Back

Our charitable line of t-shirts

The United Senergy (US) concept and logo gives back to community by collaborating with organizations that specifically work for social change. 

A portion of sales goes to foundations dedicated to eradicating mental illness, heart disease, and childhood obesity.

"Senergy" is the energy of working together to obtain positives results. We must do this task together to begin the important process of change. This t-shirt line is created to do just that. The US mission is to partner with corporate sponsors, community organizers and celebrities to increase awareness of self. We are the ones we have been waiting for, and if we don’t align ourselves with one another to make a difference in ourselves and the community, who will? Please unite with us in the quest to express freedom and respect for all, as we come together to support ourselves, our children and the larger global community. 

United Senergy can make a difference. 

Won’t you join us?
For information on partnership with United Senergy send us an email.