Where individuality starts

This extraordinary casual apparel company generates a message celebrating individuality and inclusiveness that stretches across traditional culture, age, gender and sexual orientation. When you wear D&D’s inspirational, custom-designed t-shirts, you demonstrate a shift of consciousness balancing individuality and inclusiveness, social awareness and self-acceptance.

D&D was founded in 2005 as a fashion apparel brand that embraces uniqueness, acceptance, individuality and respect among all human beings. This concept was born out of founder Danquell Bradford’s personal journey in pursuit of the capacity to love and accept herself.

United Senergy, D&D’s charitable line of t-shirts, highlights the company’s social entrepreneurship. “US” honors giving back to the community and D&D’s special mission to help prevent and treat heart disease, childhood obesity and mental health issues.

The Journey

Danquell Bradford’s journey began in the small town of Anniston, Alabama where she received unconditional love from her parents. At a young age she wrestled with issues of growing up “different,” how others perceived her, being accepted and finding her true identity. The love from her parents propelled her through high school and college where she majored in Computer Information Systems. After college she relocated to Boston to continue studies in CIS and be closer to her mother.

As a CIS professional at Action for Boston Community Development, the Boston-area community action agency with a mission to end poverty, Danquell’s desire to give back to the community was nurtured. She founded Comportek, Inc., a community-based technology consultant firm, which offers a variety of options for providing businesses and families with cost-efficient computer services. She co-founded STARS, a non-profit organization serving young children with a focus on fitness, health, education and sports.

When her mother suffered a major heart attack, Danquell saw first-hand that significant life style changes were essential to her recovery. She was determined to use that experience to bring a higher level of consciousness to critical health and life issues. Thus was born “United Senergy” or “US” with its mission of educating individuals about health and supporting efforts to end heart disease, childhood obesity and mental health issues.


Join Us!

Dani & Dan’quell and United Senergy are businesses that evolved out of one woman’s life experiences and ability to connect with others. They are companies that incorporate social and health-related movements. They reach out to diverse populations and bring them together in unique and unconventional ways. JOIN US at D&D and United Senergy in expressing freedom and respect as we support ourselves, our children and the larger global community.