Being Fit and Living Healthy

“It doesn’t matter who you are, what's your background, we’re all individuals with a story”

Donald Roach, certified trainer and a self-described “physical educator” in Boston believes that every individual’s unique story is essential to understanding and improving their physical health. We sat down with Donald to discuss his own journey and how he connects to the message of the United Senergy Brand (US).

Donald’s strong background in athletics and his career in the military fueled his desire to constantly strive for improvement. While working as the command fitness coordinator in the Navy, he discovered his passion for teaching and inspiring others to achieve their fullest physical potential. Later, he worked as a personal trainer at Synergistic under a master trainer who taught him the facts of proper body alignment. The combination of these experiences as well as independent studying prompted Donald to craft his own holistic fitness and health philosophy.

Today, Donald designs personal training programs focusing on fitness, nutrition, and body alignment. “My programs are tailored to each individual workout; with an emphasis on body alignment. He explains that your “body is like a high performance car”, and you wouldn’t want to fuel it with low quality gas. “You can have the perfect body but if you’re putting waste in your body, you can’t get the best. You can’t maximize or you can’t optimize your performances,” until you begin fueling your body properly.

Education and patience are essential to Donald’s health philosophy: “When I became certified as a personal trainer, I told myself  I was going to set myself apart from being just a trainer.” I see myself more as a physical educator.

Donald’s goals for his clients are to not only be physically fit, but also nutritionally, and spiritually at peace. Most importantly, he hopes that they become comfortable with the fact that his program is a process, not simply a goal to achieve. He reminds them “you have to trust the process; you have to give the process a chance.” His expertise and dedication of a healthy lifestyle is what made him perfect to model and represent the United Senergy Brand.

When asked why, Donald connected with the United Senergy Brand, he responded “one word: Senergy "working together” It doesn’t matter who you are, what’s your background, we’re all in this together, I love that, and that’s what resonates with me.” United Senergy’s dedication to eradicating heart disease, and childhood obesity intertwined within Donald’s outlook on health. “Be aware of you; be aware of your body and soul.” Reduce stress and increase energy through fitness and living healthy.


A very special thank you to Donald Roach for continue support and dedication to the United Senergy Brand. Blessings!!

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By Carly Gutner - Davis & Mira Smith

Photography by Shiyi Zhang

 Videographer by Vivian Lee 

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