Behind The Brand

Behind The Brand:
Behind The Scenes of Building D&D Brand

Dani & Danquell (D&D), founded by Danquell Bradford, is the result of Bradford’s lifelong journey for self-love and acceptance, which led her to embrace the unique beauty of self while appreciating and accepting wholly that of all people from all races, ethnicity, gender, age, and walks of life within her community. 

D&D is a fashion design company that provides unique, custom-designed t-shirts with positive messages promoting and encouraging people across the globe to embrace and celebrate their individuality, inclusivity, creativity and community.

D&D is upheld by the belief and investment in the idea that its’ custom-designed t-shirts can and do provide the bricks to build bridges and in an instant, provide that magical connection between people of all kinds of backgrounds to realize that they suddenly share much more in common than they would ever have imagined.

These t-shirts are part of a larger global mission to connect and celebrate the uniqueness of each individual while simultaneously inspiring and reminding people of their communal ties, connections, and shared values and beliefs.

In a world where we are shown how different we are from others, D&D is that beacon of light and hope, a company that stands to remind us that we are all connected and are all part of a community, and that tolerance and unity are the strongest bonds that must be recalled, rejuvenated and revived.

Celebrate yourself, celebrate your community, and create connections with people that transcend norms and societal boundaries; inspire, envision, create and spread love and tolerance for yourself, your neighbors, your body and your world.

By Carly Gutner - Davis

Photography by Marian Siljeholm


  • Gail Jackson-Blount says...

    Congratulations Danquell on making your dream come alive! Very happy for you. Love the branding and mission. Wishing you tremendous success!

    On April 25, 2015

  • Luz Ruiz says...

    Love the inspiration part of your work… ☺️

    On March 25, 2015

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